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The Little Girl

stroberrie submitted:

My family and I have lived on an old farm for about 18 years. The back part of the main house where all of us sleep is over a hundred years old and we’ve always found random toys from the children that used to live there some time ago.

My sister and I shared a bunkbed until she was about 13, she slept on the top and I slept on the bottom. One night when I was about four and she was seven she woke up and looked down from her bed and saw the black figure of a little girl with her hair in a pony tail standing near my bed, she was paralyzed for a few minutes just staring at the figure and then she screamed and my dad came running in. When he turned on the lights the figure was gone and I was still asleep in my bed. He woke me and my sister that slept in the other room up and asked us if we had done it, we both said no. I have no memory of the incident but even today my now 21 year old sister is still terrified that our house is haunted.

Thats the most extreme it ever got in terms of this entity, but my other sister and I have also had experiences with a little girls voice giggling while we are home alone and also I myself have had dreams where I’m sitting in my room and I hear a little girl laughing and the lights flicker, I’ve also had my towel pulled off of me while I was standing alone in my room.

I still sleep in the same room that all of these incidents have happened over the years and though nothing has happened recently I still get the feeling that something is sometimes watching from the back corner of the room.

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by cnkguy
The Little Girl

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