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The House by the Cemetery

recoveringstyleicon submitted: 

My family and I had just moved to a new house in a little suburb on the outskirts of Cleveland. It was located next door to the enormous county cemetery, but I wasn’t too worried about that at the time. The house seemed benign enough at first, but after what’s gone down since then, I’ve changed my mind.

I was ten years old, and I had my own room in our new house. I still had the bunk beds up from my old room with my little sister, and I slept on the top bunk. The attic door opened up from my bedroom ceiling, trap door style, and being that I was so young, it kind of gave me the willies.

It must have been the second or third night living there when this happened. I heard this skittering sound coming from the attic, like something light being dragged across the floor. I was terrified. I tried hiding under my pillow, but I could still hear it. I could hear the sound slowly making its way from one corner of the attic to the other, directly above where the bed was placed. I was frozen, afraid to move in case it would provoke whatever was making the sound. I finally got up the courage to scream for my parents. As soon as I began to call out for them, there was a sharp thump above the bed. It sounded as if the wood were splintering.

My father appeared at the doorway and brought me to sleep with him and my mother. I fell asleep quickly, feeling safe with my parents. The next morning, my father and I went up to the attic, where we had been installing insulation the day before. The box cutter we had been using was buried, blade-down, in the floor boards above where my bed was.

I slept with my parents for the next couple of months. A few other strange things have happened in the house since then, but this was the most terrifying.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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by cnkguy
The House by the Cemetery

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