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The Hotel del Coronado Haunting

In 1892, a beautiful young woman checked into the Hotel del Coronado near San Diego, California. The woman claimed a man would soon join her, but the companion never showed. Five days after checking in, the mysterious woman took her life outside the hotel. Officials eventually identified the woman as Kate Morgan, and legend has it she’s has haunted The Del ever since.

The Life and Death of Kate Morgan

Unlike many haunted hotel ghosts, Kate Morgan was undeniably real, and her death is well documented. According to historical records, Kate grew up in Iowa and married when she was 20. However, the relationship didn’t last, and she eventually left town with another man. On Thanksgiving Day 1892, Kate checked into the prestigious Hotel del Coronado, telling guests and staff a man was coming to join her. Days later, he still hadn’t shown and Kate grew increasingly despondent. On November 29, 1892, an electrician discovered the young woman’s body on a set of stairs outside her room. A gun was nearby, and she’d perished from a single gunshot wound to the head. Officials ruled the death a suicide, and that was the end of the story…until the ghost sightings began.

The Haunting

Legend has it Kate haunts her former room, #3327, as well as the hotel’s hallways and the nearby beach. Strange activity includes flickering lights, chilling breezes, and doors that slam on their own. Disembodied voices and unexplained footsteps are also common.

One guest claimed a ghostly face appeared on the room’s TV screen, even though the television was unplugged. Friends of another guest stopped by the haunted room and heard voices behind the door. No one responded to their knocking, so they wandered down to the bar and found their friend at a table. He insisted he’d been there for hours and had no idea who, or what, was talking in his room.

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The Hotel del Coronado Haunting

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