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The Headless Dog

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On September 16, 1921, the Yorkville Enquirer published an article about true ghost stories in the antebellum South. The following tale was among them. What do you find more frightening, the headless dog or the girl’s reaction?

Near Lowndesville, in Abbeville County, South Carolina, was a spot in the road where a traveler was allegedly murdered and a large, black dog with him also killed. This spot was said to be haunted, and between sundown and dark, a large black dog with no head would run across the road.

A family lived nearby, among them a beautiful young girl that was just budding into womanhood. One day, the girl went to visit a neighbor, and her walk carried her by the haunted spot. Just before sundown, the young woman’s brother remarked that she had not returned and that she would have to pass the haunted spot in the road. He volunteered to go and meet her so she wouldn’t be afraid.

So off he went, but he didn’t notice that his large Newfoundland dog had trotted on ahead. Just before reaching the haunted spot, the woman’s brother heard a heart-rending shriek. Upon rushing to her aide, the man found his sister lying in the road in convulsions. It seems that his dog had startled the girl just as she had reached the haunted the spot. Her mind undoubtedly on the story of the headless dog, the unfortunate girl mistook her brother’s dog for the ghost dog and dropped in the road with a shriek.

The girl’s brother tenderly carried her home, and her family made every effort to restore her sanity, but to no avail. An eminent physician of Lowndesville, Dr. Alexander Arnold, was sent for. Despite his every effort, the girl continued convulsing. Her family eventually sent her to any asylum where she died any years later, never regaining her mental faculties.”

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The Headless Dog

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