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The Haunting of the Mizpah Hotel

The Haunting of the Mizpah Hotel:

Mizpah has since gained a reputation for its fair share of ghosts, recently
being recognized as the number one haunted hotel in the U.S. by USA
. Several of the suites are named for some of its supposed permanent
guests who haunt the room or its surroundings, with a plaque outside each room
providing the grisly details.

include a senator whose body was hidden in a bathtub full of ice within the
suite before his final election to allow fellow democrats to announce a
replacement after his reelection; and the infamous Lady in Red, a 1920s-era
prostitute strangled in a jealous rage by one of her johns at the end of the
fifth floor hallway, whose ghost is said to leave behind the pearls that tend
to mysteriously and inexplicably turn up around the hotel. An ornate book is
displayed prominently at the front check-in, in which guests are encouraged to
write about their encounters with the Lady herself, the children who haunt the
third floor, and the various miners whose apparitions are said to make frequent
appearances throughout the hotel.

For the full article, visit Atlas Obscura.

Source: Equinox Paranormal

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The Haunting of the Mizpah Hotel

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