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The Haunted Apple Tree

On August 12, 1900, The New York Times published a story about a haunted apple tree. Here’s my edited version of the creepy tale.

Douglass, MA is perhaps the only town in America said to be home to a haunted apple tree. According to local legend, an unknown assailant murdered a man in an orchard there several years ago. Now, they say, the victim haunts the site of his murder.

The story goes like this: one afternoon, a peddler lay down to rest beneath an apple tree in the orchard. Later that day, someone discovered the peddler’s lifeless corpse. His throat had been slashed and he’d bled to death in the afternoon sun.

Locals suspected the orchard’s owner, but the man was never charged, and he eventually moved away. Some say it was to escape justice, others say it was to flee the peddler’s angry spirit.

After the owner’s departure, the peddler haunted the orchard at night, terrorizing anyone who walked on the road nearby. According to witnesses, the terrifying spirit clutched his bloody neck and screamed so loudly people could hear the anguished wails from a mile away. The spirit was so horrifying that officials eventually routed the road far from the orchard.

Though the old trees in the orchard still bear fruit, there’s something strange about the tree the peddler died under. Its apples are streaked a bloody red, and the marks extend from skin to score. Many say it’s the blood of the murdered peddler who refuses to be forgotten.



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The Haunted Apple Tree

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