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The Graveyard

homo-del-rey submitted

Me and my friends like to go ‘ghost hunting’, as we are interested in the paranormal. Usually, we pick somewhere creepy to visit at night, have a laugh, get a little freaked, and go home, after seeing nothing.

Anyway, we decided to go to the most cliche location yet – a graveyard (in Bedfordshire, UK). The graveyard was pretty big, and looked like something from a horror movie – it went slightly uphill, with a chapel on top.

As we often do, we entered the graveyard and said the Lord’s prayer, then asked for the spirits’ permission to look around and take photos. We walked around, talking quietly, to make sure everyone was still close by.

One of my friends got out his camera – but it wouldn’t turn on. He said he’d charged it overnight, and was confused as to why it wouldn’t switch on. We shrugged it off, and tried using our video camera. It came on, but the camera is so crap that there was no picture. My other friend’s phone wouldn’t allow him to take pictures for some reason – and my phone is so old it doesn’t have a camera.

So, deciding we were just unlucky, we continued through the graveyard. As we got to this part where there were tiny gravestones (I think it could have been the children’s bit, or cremations), the temperature seemed to drop, and we all felt as if we were really unwelcome. It was so bizarre – I didn’t know how to feel, as I’m almost the ‘skeptic’ of the group. I just tried to convince myself that the temperature drop was the weather, and that I was nervous.

We decided to turn back, when me and one of my friends heard a whisper. It seemed to say either “ha”, or “Jack” – which is one of my friend’s names. We freaked out, insisting we heard something, but the other two thought we were trying to play a trick. But then Jack suddenly freaked out, saying he saw “something” standing near a tree. 

We all left the graveyard quickly, and drove away. 

I don’t think we’ll be going there again.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 7/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

Source: Learn about Paranormal Activity and Real Hauntings here, plus see Ghost Adventures and explore the




by cnkguy
The Graveyard

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