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The Grave Talks Preview Episode | The House at 702

Today we talk with Jill Marie Morris about “207”. The true story based upon a series of terrifying events that occurred in her life living in Upstate New York during the late 1980s.

Just married and pregnant, Jill and her then-husband moved into 207 19th Street, Watervliet, despite her hesitation about the spiritual aspects of the property.

Jill tell us about her experience a with a sequence of foreboding dreams. We also discuss the disturbing events when husband began to undergo extreme personality disturbances and bizarre behavior which continued to escalate until after months of relentless emotional and spiritual torture he cornered her and their eight-month-old son with a loaded .12-gauge shotgun.

Listen to this exciting two-part episode to learn the dark and possibly demonic history of this haunted area.



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The Grave Talks Preview Episode | The House at 702

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