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The ghost that cooks.

orangeskiesinlove submitted:

I just recently moved into a house share. That man the owns the house is lovely he is called Neil, my partner and I share a bedroom upstairs, the rest of the house is shared between all 3 of us and occasionally Neil’s son Max who is only 2 years old.

A few weeks after moving into the house, my partner and I where the last to go to bed. I locked up the house, shut all the doors and put the draft stoppers down. The house is quite old and the bottoms of the doors are crooked.

Later that night I went downstairs for a glass of  water. The back hall door was wide open. I was slightly creeped out, but not frighted I chalked it down the the house being old. I never mentioned it to anyone even though it was a reoccurring problem. 

A few weeks after the door opening at night, I noticed that things would fall over in the kitchen at night. I would be sitting in the living room, hear a crash, only to find a bottle of soap or a mug knocked over in the kitchen. Again, I just put it down to drafts, and as such never mentioned it. 

Neil always goes to bed around 11pm my boyfriend and I don’t go to bed until 4am maybe not even 7am as we are currently unemployed. So naturally, Neil was never around during the incidents, maybe something would happen at the weekend. But he didn’t look worried.

 One Friday night Max stayed, Neil and my boyfreind went to the pub and I stayed in not being a huge drinker myself, I was sat in the living room, when a crash came from the kitchen, I rushed in only to the the mop bucket knocked over and to hear the sound of someone walking about upstairs, in Neils room. I went up to check on the baby and the room was so chilly, I checked the radiators and put an extra blanket over Max, I put the coldness down to the drafts of the house.

A few hours later the boys came home. I mentioned the incident to Neil and brung up the other incidents. I assured me it was the drafts and the creaky floors.

Things started to escalate, my boyfriend and I would find the last knob turned on all the way, or a cupboard door open. The items being knocked over got bigger and the activity started to slink upstairs in the form of our bedroom light being turned on or picture frames being of center. All small things. 

We started to discuss the fact that the house may be “haunted” and the activity got worse. After we all woke up to the fire alarms going of in the middle of the night, the cooker had actually been turned on this time and dinners leftovers in the cooker were burnt to ash, Neil finally admitted that something else did live in the house with us and that the activity was only really when others like his son where staying. 

Many things other have happened, I feel the presence.

It has dwindled down to the occasional mug being knocked over now and every so often when I walk into the kitchen and I see the knobs been turned yet again, I will say Hi out loud into the air. 

Its not a bad spirit its a just very playful one. I think the spirit just wants to be acknowledged and as for it being in the child’s room, maybe he was just checking on him.

I know this isn’t scary, but maybe the readers would like to hear a story of learning to co exist with the afterlife 🙂

FuckYeahNightmares Mod James: 5/10 Maybe you should teach him how to use the stove better.  Thanks for sharing!




by cnkguy
The ghost that cooks.

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