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The Ghost Kid

theeverydaypagan submitted:

My family has always had a bit of a running joke about how the man my grandparents bought their house from (who died shortly after from a brain tumor) was still hanging out watching over the place. We joke about it because almost everyone’s experienced something from footsteps to bangs to whispers to seeing figures and my brother was even tapped on the shoulder when he was in a room by himself. But they all revolved around the idea of “Old Mr. Carmen”.

My grandmother, youngest aunt and I are all night owls and one night while I was staying there we were up late watching a movie (not even a scary one mind you) and went to bed at around 2:30 AM. About half an hour later I was still tossing and turning trying to get comfortable so I could get some sleep. Eventually I turned to face the wall the bed is pushed up against and found a comfy spot and was just starting to doze off when I heard a little kid talking to me. I couldn’t tell what it was saying, but it sounded like the kid was standing right at the head of the bed not even a foot away from where I was laying.

It’s worth noting that this voice sounded roughly like that of a 4 year old (which I’m saying because my little cousin was that age at the time and it sounded very similar in pitch to his voice) but there was no one that young in the house.

They weren’t sure if they could believe me because no one had ever had any experiences involving a “ghost kid” so to speak, but a couple months later my aunt was there by herself and heard what sounded like little kids running around in the dining room playing.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 5/10 Ooh, I wonder what he was saying.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
The Ghost Kid

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