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The Fountain

Anonymous Submitted:

This story didn’t happen to me but to my uncle. He and a couple friends were on vacation at a hotel when they were in their twenties. One of them brought out a ouija board and they decided to play with it.

After setting up in candle light and closing the blinds (my uncle says it was in the late afternoon, not the spookiest time, I know ;P) they asked if anyone was there. The board said yes. They asked who was there. The board said “T-H-E-D-E-V-I-L.” Thinking somebody among them was messing with them, they asked, “How do we know it’s you.”

The board said, “F-O-U-N-T-A-I-N.” It took them a second to work it out, but there is a fountain in the courtyard of the hotel, so the three of them left the room and went to the courtyard of the hotel. They stood close to the fountain and looked around. Then one of my uncle’s friends the two others on the shoulders and pointed to a window a few stories above them. In it, a dark figure in a red hood was looking down upon them. Whatever it was took a step back and disappeared.

They put the ouija board away after that.

FYNK James: 9/10 I’m at work right now and somebody just walked in and I shuddered. Anyways, your uncle and his friends should have found something better to do while on vacation. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
The Fountain

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