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The Farm House

clesiree submitted:

This story is more creepy than scary, though it did scare the shit out of seven yr old me.
So my childhood home is a farm house located off a farm market road with an old shed and four acres of land for a backyard. I believe it was built in the 1920s. My room is towards the back of the house with three doors, one as the main entrance in my room, one that opens up into my brothers’ old bedroom, and one that is completely sealed shut that is connected to the laundry porch. So one night I’m leaning against the sealed door and I hear one of our cats meowing. Like, crying, desperately trying to get someone’s attention. So I make my way to the laundry porch, past the kitchen. The laundry porch also leads out to the back porch. Now, the laundry porch has several windows that are about six feet high when you’re on the outside. That night my dad let all our goats out of their pen and all of them were chillin right on the back porch.
Well, when I go to open the laundry porch door that cat ran inside, like it was running for its life. I decide to look in to see what was the reason behind this, maybe there was another cat there that was bullying the one that ran in. Nope! Little ole me happened to see this rusty machete just saw on one of the windows ledges, back and forth for only a second before it pulled back into the darkness of the back porch where the goats were. I was so scared I just closed the door and ran to the living room where my parents were, not bothering to tell them what I saw!
Now that has never happened since but to this day I still think about it. I mean, if it was a real person the goats would have reacted and scattered away quickly. And it wasn’t a goat horn cuz they would not have been able to get up that high. And it was DEFINITELY sawing the edge. I will never forget that.
I can’t explain it. Any thoughts?

FYNK James: 7/10 Maybe it was just a really sneaky person with a machete. Either way, that is scary. I’m a big fan of you having goats though. Thanks for sharing!




by cnkguy
The Farm House

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