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The Eyes In the Window

kaiju-squidling submitted:

One of the stories on here reminded me of this. A little bit of back story, this took place in a suburb of Dallas TX called Farmers Branch.  

We moved here when I was around 2ish, and we lived in this small house with a lovely wisteria bush in the front. It only had 5 rooms total, including the bathroom. Most of my experiences with the paranormal occurred in this house. The most Notable being the eyes in the window. 

Now where we all slept, my mother my father and myself was in the only bedroom in the house. it had a closet, there was two windows, one at the foot of my bed, and the other near the closet on the other side of the room. (Be this the over-active Imagination of a 3-5 year old, but the entire time we lived there, I never felt safe after the sun set.) The backyard was HUGE, well, for a house in the suburbs anyway. and had at least 4 trees, rather large, that covered the back half of it, so the entire thing was pretty devoid of grass, but back to the story. Right outside the window that was at the foot of my bed was the faucet for the hose outside. it would never really shut off, so it was really muddy and hard to get to the window, and nothing ever grew there. (so I don’t have any Sane explanation for what i saw nearly every night i slept in that bed till we left that house.

The blinds on this window would never go all the way down on this window, so there was always a sliver of the outside peaking underneath, about 5in worth. nut from inside you could hear a faint scraping, that would get loudest at around 2-3ish in the morning, and all I could see out side the window was a dark shadow, with rather large red eyes, and the tips of what could have possibly been a smile. “She” would make this odd sound that could almost be called a giggle,(just sounded straight up demonic to me like a high-pitched rasping sound like a sharp bell mixed with a chalkboard.) “she” had long hair that came down the sides of “her” face, and “she” had incredibly long claw that she would constantly scratch the window with.

I first saw this around when I was 2 ½, and I told my parents about it, but they wrote me off as the ramblings of a child (they later told me that there was in fact scratches on the outside of the window and the screen was all torn up, they told the land lord it was probably a wild animal, but i don’t know what wild animal makes gashes in sealed wood and brick)

To this day I still feel really uncomfortable near windows.

(ASLO: They tore down the old house that I lived in, the new house takes up the whole lot, I worry for any child or sensitive person who lives there, cause now there’s no wall to keep “her” out)

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 I’m curious as to why you thought of the presence as a she. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
The Eyes In the Window

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