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The Doors

6trash6boat6 submitted:


Once when I was in high school, my family lived across from a cemetery. I was home alone one afternoon. After awhile on the computer I heard the front door open and started calling out to my mother. There was no response so I started opening doors to the rooms in the house calling out to her. Again, no response. I kept checking the rooms up the hallway to the front of the house where the driveway was. Still nothing. When I got to my bedroom up front I looked out the window to see that both of my parents cars were still gone. I got a chill down my spine and turned around to go back down the hall to the kitchen. When I came out of my bedroom, all of the doors that I had previously opened checking for my mother were now closed. That’s when I heard the voices. At this point I was more thinking it was a burglary so I grabbed my baseball bat and kicked open the door to my brother’s room where I heard the noise coming from. When the door opened, the voices stopped and there was nothing there and suddenly I heard the rest of the doors in the hall swing open. I ran over to my friends house who lived on the same block and didn’t come home until my parents called me. After that I refused to be alone in that house and would go to the local park until someone else came home.

James: 7/10 Good job on running. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
The Doors

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