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The Demon

that-genderfluid-adult submitted:

Okay so I was 15. I had been experiencing paranormal shit for months, things moving, the bathroom being torn apart, my room being torn apart, my mirror shaking, shadowy figures in my freaking house, being covered in scratches and bruises, footsteps and nightmares that left me awake for days out of fear. These nightmares included seeing the world completely on fire and everything burning and everyone screaming, the world frozen and dead, or everything black and shadowy while being chased by these dark figures. Well one day it got bad and every few minutes I would be hit with a serious wave of dizziness and fall over. Like nothing was stopping this, water, sitting down, food, nothing. My grandma took me to the hospital but they couldn’t figure it out. They did a CT I believe and saw what looked like a shadowy figure clinging to me, a face next to mine. They did it again a few minutes later and nothing was there. They sent me home and told me to rest. That night I put my cross necklace on and damn did it hurt, it felt like it was burning my neck and hands as I put it on, I remember a dizzy spell and falling over and then waking up the next morning, cross still on with no burn mark in sight. Everything stopped. Idk what the hell it was but I’m convinced it was a demon.

Fuck Yeah Nightmare Mod James: 7/10 That’s hella strange. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
The Demon

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