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The Demon with the Glasgow Grin


purplecosm0naut submitted:

Growing up, my brother, cousins, and I always went to this one camp for fellow Russian Orthodox kids, and on the campsite there was a line of bungalows, including a boarding house for visiting relatives. This house always creeped me out, personally, but being dumb kids, my brother and cousins and I still played there. We called it “the big yellow house.”

I should actually point out that this happened to my brother, but this occurrence still haunts him to this day, over a decade later. In fact, he didn’t even tell me about it until years later, because it scared him so much. 

What happened was, my family and I stayed behind after camp was over in the bungalows, because we loved the area. I was about eleven at the time, my brother was ten. He and my two cousins were playing hide-and-seek in the big yellow house, being that nobody was around they could make all the damn noise they want.

The third floor of the big yellow house is closed off to the general public, but on numerous occasions we managed to sneak up there anyway. It’s dilapidated to the extreme: debris strewn about, old stained mattresses propped up on rusty bedframes, broken glass everywhere, etc.

There was this one room, though, that had a full-length (intact) mirror standing by the door. My brother, who was trying to hide from my cousins, ran up to the third floor and into the room and shut the door, before he came upon this mirror. From what he told me, he stared into the mirror for about a minute until he saw his reflection smile, even though he himself wasn’t smiling.

But then he told me that his reflection’s mouth started to tear at the corners of its mouth, ripping up to its ears until it formed a full-out Glasgow smile. And it continued to grin.

My brother, of course, was freaked. On impulse, he kicked over the mirror, thus shattering it, and ran out of the house. He never saw it again.

We haven’t been back to that camp for almost ten years now, but if I ever go back there, I am not setting foot in that house. It’s always given me the creeps, and now I know why.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 9/10 Damn that mirror is creepy as hell.  I like this one a lot.  Thanks for sharing the scares.




by cnkguy
The Demon with the Glasgow Grin

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