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The Crawlspace

sznnh submitted: 

Okay, so my story is a little long, and it has two parts. But please bear with me – I swear up and down that this is all true.

My parents own a little house near our city’s university that me and many friends have periodically rented out while in school. In the basement of this house, there is a small crawlspace at the bottom of the stairs. It doesn’t look especially creepy or anything – my friend and I actually crawled back there to clean out her cat’s poop once (haha) and we didn’t really think anything of it. When I lived in this house a few years ago, I only experienced one or two things that could be deemed remotely paranormal. My first true paranormal experience happened about a year ago, when I was visiting one of my friends who was renting the house at the time.

One afternoon we were in the basement of the house, both playing electric guitars fairly loudly; loud enough to have to shout in order to hear ourselves clearly. Her roommate was out, so it was just the two of us downstairs playing music. We had been playing for a few minutes and I was zoning out when suddenly I heard my name, very clearly, coming from the crawlspace. It was like someone said it just loud enough for me to hear it over the sound of the guitars. I looked in that direction but continued to play, and when I looked at my friend her eyes were on the crawlspace also. We both kept playing guitar, and I wrote it off as just distortion from the amps making me hear things.

Not even two minutes later, I swear I heard the same voice say my name again, coming from the crawlspace. I looked over there, then looked at my friend; she was looking at it again, too. Before I could say anything, she stopped playing her guitar, looked back and me and said, “I think I’m going crazy, I just heard someone say your name.”

Of course I flipped out. I told her that I’d also heard it, but I actually heard it twice. She said she did too, she just didn’t say anything the first time, like I didn’t. We checked the crawlspace, the entire house, and the surrounding yard – no one was around. To me, this was awesome. It definitely scared me, but I was more excited than anything. I love ghost stories and stuff, and I was stoked that I now had my own ghost story to tell…. but something that really, really frightened me happened just a few months ago.

A different friend of mine moved into the house for the semester. I had never told him anything about the voice coming from the crawlspace, and I was curious about it. I wanted to go back and try talking to the spirits with a ouija board or something. I texted my friend, and before mentioning anything paranormal at all, I just asked him how he liked the house so far. He told me things were good, but that something weird had happened.

His first night at the house, the dog kept looking into the crawlspace and growling. My friend went down there with a flashlight, looked around for any raccoons or anything that could be bothering her. Seeing nothing, he turned around to walk back up the stairs. And heard his name called to him from the crawlspace.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 9/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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by cnkguy
The Crawlspace

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