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The computer

wisdomandsass submitted

When my brother was born, my family decided to create a room for me in the basement of our house. (I had just turned 5) Aside from having to learn to live with and kill spiders, I also had to learn to live with the unknown. Basements are always creepy, dark, damp. When I was probably.. 8 or 9 (maybe before) I would hear the computer. In the basement was my room, as well as another open space where my mom worked from home. She had a work computer, that went to sleep like every other computer. Before the computer went to sleep, a Screensaver would come up. Many a nights would I hear typing, and repeated vigorous clicking of the mouse. Most times I was too scared to leave the covers. But other times I was brave. On one occasion I had been listening to the clicking of the mouse on and off for about 5 minutes when I hopped out of my bed, opened the door and went to investigate. Upon opening the door I knew something was spooky- the computer was lit up. As I reached the computer, it was on the login screen. Something- someone had been clicking the mouse and triggered the computer to bring up the login screen. On other occasions after hearing the clicking or typing and waiting for silence for an extended period, I would finally get the courage to go look. And there the animated screen saver would be, lit up and playing.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 6/10 I wonder what the ghost or whatever needs the internet for. Maybe he was checking out this blog. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
The computer

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