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The Closet Door

lord darc Submitted:

I have begun notice every morning i wake up my closet door is open and my bedroom door is locked. I work a lot and don’t get home until late and so i figured possibly I’m sleep walking or something. Last night,exhausted as usual, i walk into my room put my keys up and go to my closet put my coat away and shut the door and heard the click of it and i start taking off my rings and earrings and i hear creaking and the closet door clicks and opens slowly and then the bedroom door slowly begins to shut. That night i slept in the living room.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Moderator Gracie: 4/10 That has happened to me sometimes 90% of the time it’s my cat or something I can explain the other 10% something I cant. Thanks for the chills!




by cnkguy
The Closet Door

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