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The Calling VoiceJennifer Groesbeck was driving home with her…

The Calling Voice

Jennifer Groesbeck was driving home with her 18-month-old daughter, Lily one winter day in 2015 when Groesbeck hit a barrier and flipped the car into a river. The car lay there for 14 hours until a fisherman spotted the wreck and alerted police. Tyler Beddoes and three other officers arrived on the scene, and the first thing they saw was an arm hanging out of the window. The four officers went into the water, attempting to save whoever was inside. While trying to pry open the door, all four of the policemen heard a woman’s voice call out to them. They struggled to free Groesbeck, but when they did they found that she had been dead for some time. It wasn’t until the car was removed from the water that they found Lily. She was alive, and after a trip to the hospital, she survived the ordeal. The officers can only speculate as to where the voice came from, but the overwhelming theory was that it was the deceased mother saving her daughter’s life.

Source: My Haunted Salem

by cnkguy
The Calling VoiceJennifer Groesbeck was driving home with her…

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