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The Black Hand

aroseamongtheashes submitted:

My mom bought a house in Malaga, Spain. At first, as it was new for us, there were no problems at all.  Around 2 years had been passed when I began to feel uneasy in that house: when nobody was in I would feel someone watching me from behind. It was not so scary, but with the years I’ve become more extrasensory and it came to a point that I got anxious. Nowadays everything is ok, the house is clean. But it’s hard to forget things like that.

That house has a room outside in the courtyard to save all old things and stuff we don’t need too much, but keep them anyway. It is dark as it has no windows or something. I’ve never liked it, I told my mom that was a ‘monsters’ nest’. And apparently, I wasn’t wrong.

Things got worse when my mom got divorced. There was a flood, and after that, I didn’t feel the same when I was inside our house. I never wanted to be alone in there, but would never tell mom. Nowadays she believes me, as she has also experienced some things in that house, things that she can’t explain and that she doesn’t like.

One of the things that scared me the most happened one weekend. The first night was ok; the second one not so. I had a nightmare where a girl with a creepy huge grin followed me everywhere and she had a black hand, same color as her hair. She was trying to chase me with this black hand. When I woke up I felt my chest burning (I don’t like that because I know what that means), and I felt observed all the time. I held a Bible and a teddy, and I fell asleep as I could.

At day nothing happened, but because of my experiences I DID know that was not only a nightmare. Someone was there. I took a picture at day to the dark room on the courtyard and sent it to one of my friends who was more extrasensory than me. She told me, scared to death, that she saw a man in black, with a black hat, and that ‘was eating darkness’. She deleted the picture soon after.
At night I couldn’t sleep and I was awake until very late, as if I could avoid things happen with the passing time. I’ve already asked for help saying a pray but I was too scared. I didn’t even want to move from my seat, until I heard a soft, creepy, evil giggle behind me, like ‘he..he…he..’. My body froze inmediately.

The next day I was taking a nap on my mom’s room, next to the courtyard. I was having a dream until it began to feel eerie. I don’t remember very well now (and I’m thankful), but I know I was not alone in my then nightmare, that someone again was following me and that, whoever it was, was dark, very dark. It reminded me of the girl with a black hand in my first nightmare. I woke up again with a very heavy sensation in my stomach and, when I opened my eyes, I saw a black hand crawling up the curtain until it disappeared.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 I really dig this one, lots of cool imagery.  The eating darkness part was super spooky.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
The Black Hand

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