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The Ballad of Mr Fox.

I was sweet and I was wild,

I was my father’s only child

Tired of wantonness he said,

‘My wilful girl – you shall be wed.’

Fox he came to beg my suit

With gifts of flowers and gifts of fruit

To win my heart he could not fail,

With gleaming eyes and bushy tail.

We swore to love we swore to marry,

I saw the knife the Fox did carry –

It is not so, it was not so and god forbid it should be so!

The wood was dark the grass was green,

The path by moonlight clearly seen,

Still of night I reached his gate,

The words on which I’ll now relate:

‘Be bold, be bold, but not too bold,

Least thy heart’s blood e’er run cold’.

In the Fox’s house I did see

Beautiful maids two score and three

Slashed and dashed they were all dead,

Their necks in smiling slits of red.

Hark! My lord he was at his door,

Dragging a new maid ‘cross the floor.

He coveted the jewels she had,

With greed and lust his eyes were mad,

On her thumb a gold wedding band,

Fox raised his sword and cleaved her hand –

It is not so, it was not so and god forbid it should be so!

As those poor dead lips he hungr’ly kissed,

Lord Fox ne’er saw what he had missed….

The next morn dawned both bright and gay;

It was to be our wedding day

The feast is set the blessings said,

I tell this tale now we are wed.

‘My love’ said Fox, ‘what do you mean?

Your story was nought but a dream.’

Hold fast sir Fox where you do stand –

Behold your last love’s wretched hand! –

It is not so, it was not so and god forbid it should be so!

That was my lord Fox’s final breath

As all drew swords and screamed for death.

As for me, I’ve oft’ been told

The heart within my breast is bold,

Well now at night he calls to me

So I have run fast wild and free

For I am sharp of tooth and claw

And I will hunt my rightful lord.

Poem inspired by Folk Tales and Neil Gaiman. Art by the lovely Drabblepanda 

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
The Ballad of Mr Fox.

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