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The Abandoned House

crownshorts submitted:

There’s this abandoned house in my friend’s neighborhood. We’d always pass by it on our way to his house and we’d always say that we should go in there just to see what it looked like. I couple years ago, on Halloween we finally decided to break in. It was about 1am when we left his house to go and when we got there we just went up to the door and turned the knob, surprisingly, the door opened. We walked inside in a rush because a car had just turned onto the street and we didn’t want to be seen standing outside. We brought flashlights to look around and my friend was recording with his dad’s night vision camera. The inside of the house was trashed. There were empty liquor bottles, beat up toys and trash all over the floor. The walls were littered with holes and even pieces of the ceiling were hanging down exposing the attic. The weirdest thing in there was on the wall directly across from the front door. It was a painting of a tree drawn red with black leaves that covered a third of the space. It looked really crude, someone had painted it with their fingers because on one of the leaves the finger marks trailed off all the way to the end of the wall where it ended and turned into the kitchen[which from what we could see was packed with more empty booze bottles].

      I wanted to go farther into the house but my friend stopped me, saying that we had no clue who could be in one of the rooms, maybe some drunk or a homeless guy. I agreed and we just stood in the living room with our flashlights. Then we heard some shuffling sounds from the hall and we freaked out and ran to the front door, but when I was waving my flashlight around I saw something. Or at least I think I saw something. It was a man sitting against the wall, right at the base of the painted tree with his head hanging low, as if he was asleep. We got out and ran all the way to my friend’s house. I told him what I saw but he didn’t believe me. He didn’t see and he had shut off the camera when we started hearing those sounds so I had no real proof.

     To this day I just write it off as my imagination but sometimes if I think about it I can’t convince myself that I just imagined it. Recently that house was bought and I think the new owners are in the process of remodeling it or something, but even though it’s been repainted and the busted windows are replaced it still looks as creepy to me as it did that night.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 6/10 That’s a really interesting description, particularly of the tree.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
The Abandoned House

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