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“Tell Them Not to Do it Again”

deliciousuta submitted:

This story was told to me by my mother but has been confirmed by her brothers and sisters.

When my uncle was a teenager he snuck out with a bunch of mates late at night. They went to a grave yard and being skeptical about ghosts and such, they brought a ouji board. they found a sunken in grave and decided to use the ouji board there, they asked a few questions but got no responses and a this point they started teasing the spirit. My uncle said he felt a breath on his neck and he left straight away, his friends followed shortly after.

The next night my mother was sleeping in her bed (her room was right next to the drive way and her bed was under the window. it was kinda like a sun room) and at 2:00 am she heard foot steps on the gravel outside and it sop at her window, she never dared look at what was there but she did say that whatever it was did not feel friendly at all. That continued for a few nights, always at 2:00 am until he fourth night. The phone rang, no one got up to answer it so my mother walked out into the living room at answer he phone. When she picked up she got no response besides heavy, raspy breathing and again, this happened for the next two nights, phone rings, no response. By this point my mother was pretty scared and could not sleep at all. Expecting the phone call at 2 am, she waited out in the living room.  

The phone rang and my mother started crying and when she answered the phone she screamed “what do you want from me?! Why are you doing this?!” And a voice answered with “tell them not to do it again.” After that night nothing else happened but you can bet your ass my uncle never went near ouji boards again and got a copping from my nan when she found out.


Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 9/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!!

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by cnkguy
“Tell Them Not to Do it Again”

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