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Woman claims she Haunted by DEAD brothers Ghost

by cnkguy
Woman claims she Haunted by DEAD brothers Ghost

Donna Ayres claims she Haunted

Donna Ayres claims she Haunted

Woman claims she Haunted by DEAD brothers Ghost

Donna Ayres believes she’s being haunted by her dead brother’s ghost, and she says she’s got the proof.

The 33 year old mother of four said she had a troubled relationship with her brother, Paul, who died in 2009.

Now living in Burnley, Lancashire, England, she said that she’s had to move five times in order to try and get away from the spirit, but each time it has followed her.

She said, “Ever since my brother died strange things have occurred in every house I’ve lived in, it’s been a living hell.”

Donna said that on one occasion was she was even pinned down on her bed which resulted in bruises saying, “Probably the worst time was when I was pinned to the bed, I’ll never forget it, it was very traumatic.”

She went on to say, “I believe this is happening because death has always followed me, but I have strong suspicions the spirit could be my brother, who died when I was younger.”

“We had a very troubled relationship, perhaps that’s why he’s come back to haunt me.”

She said she began trying to capture the ghost with her camera phone after people began doubting her story, and now she believes she has angered the ghost because the spooky encounters have become more common.

Donna said, “The paranormal activity first began in 2009 when I started to hear banging at night, and then scratches appeared on the wall.”

“Since these first encounters I’ve had seen continuing paranormal activity in every house I’ve lived in, I’m just at the end of my tether.”

She added that, “It’s hard to get the footage as sometimes the paranormal activity is too quick to film, but I think I’ve done well to catch what I have with a basic camera phone.”

Her videos have sparked a debate on social media, with a many paranormal investigators offering to conduct a thorough investigation into the disturbances.

Sefton Paranormal Investigators has said that if the video footage is genuine, this type of paranormal phenomenon would be classified as a poltergeist, a supernatural being often blamed for physical disturbances.”




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