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The North Berwick Witch Hunts

by cnkguy
The North Berwick Witch Hunts

The North Berwick Witch Hunts

The North Berwick Witch Hunts Chapel

The North Berwick Witch Hunts

The estate mansion and chapel where the infamous North Berwick Witch Hunts happened has recently come up for sale and can be yours for a mire $2.3 million USD.

It was three hundred years ago the witch hunt took place in this Scottish town of Humbie, in East Lothian.

Taking place between the years 1590 to 1678 it’s estimated that thousands of men and woman were murder after being accused of witchcraft.

Many victims were housed in the now ruined Chapel before be taken about a mile away where they were either burned or garroted to death.

While most of the victims names are long forgotten, one lives on, that of Agnes Sampson. The elderly woman was the local healer who lived nearby when she was accused of performing witchcraft.

She was held in the old chapel before her execution in a device called a witch’s bridle. This consisted of an iron instrument which had four sharp prongs that were forced into the mouth, thus keeping the victim without sleep as there head was tied to the wall with a rope.

It didn’t take to long for Agnes to ‘confess’ to her crimes, she was indicted on 53 charges, including attending a secret rendezvous with 200 other witches.

Today her brutal execution is long forgotten on the now peaceful grounds of the estate, but questions still linger if the ghosts still wonder the surrounding area……




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