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The Ghost of Lydia Carver

by cnkguy
The Ghost of Lydia Carver

The Ghost of Lydia Carver

The Ghost of Lydia Carver

The Ghost of Lydia Carver

Lydia Carver, also called the Lady in White, was a native of Freeport, Maine and the daughter of a prosperous Portland businessman. It was in July of 1807, Lydia aged 23, became engaged to a young man, and she set sailed to Boston in search of a wedding dress.

After arriving in Boston safely she stopped by plenty of shops before find the perfect wedding dress, and it was on July 12, Lydia began her fateful trip back home.

Boarding the schooner named Charles along with 21 other passengers, they left Boston Harbor to sail back to Portland.

It was just before midnight that the ship entered a storm with a thick fog bank off Richmond’s Island’s Kettle Cove, where the ship ran aground onto Watt’s Ledge eastern edge, only 50 feet from Richmond’s Island.

Once grounded, a mariner’s worst nightmare had come true as the ship turned broadside to the waves. It was then pounded against the rocks like a fist by the sea for the rest of the night.”

Sixteen people died there that night and one of them was Lydia Carver. Six others managed to survive, and they quickly sot out help, with rescuers arriving the next morning.

The first rescuers who arrived found Lydia’s body on Crescent Beach, and beside her was the trunk containing her treasured wedding dress that she had so carefully selected but would never wear.

Lydia’s body was buried at a graveyard near the Inn by the Sea a short distance from the beach where she died.

Some folks at the inn and in the surrounding area claim that the ghost of Lydia Carver haunts the shore, still looking for the wedding she will never have.

Laura Gironda who works at he Inn said,”I’ve seen the elevator going up and down late at night with no one getting off.

She also says that visitors complain about smoke detectors going off in vacant rooms and then going silent minutes later. One staff member said that she had seen an orb moving through one wall and into a room and then through the other wall.

“It is nice property and I guess Lydia feels the same way,” said Laura. One guest said a mother heard her kids talking to someone in an adjacent room, but when she entered, no one was there, said Laura. When asked who they were talking to, the kids pointed to the bed and said a lady had been sitting there. The mother saw an imprint as if someone had been sitting on the bed.

Laura said, “When I worked the 3 to 11 p.m. shift, I just felt someone here.” She said she would say hello to Carver’s ghost when the elevator would open late at night with no one visible in it.

“She is not a fearful presence,” said Gironda.

It is believed Carver is waiting for her wedding. Visitors who most often report strange, surreal occurrences stay in or near the honeymoon suites.




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