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Did This Baby Monitor Film a Ghost?

by cnkguy
Did This Baby Monitor Film a Ghost?

Vicky Snowdon and Jonathan

Vicky Snowdon ghost video

Did This Baby Monitor Film a Ghost

Jonathan Murphy, 32, from Consett, County Durham, England was watching the baby monitor feed when he noticed something strange over his daughter Rosie who was asleep in her crib.

Going in to check on the baby he saw nothing unusual, the baby was fine so he left Rosie’s room and told his partner Victoria Snowdon, 22, what he thought he saw.

Victoria decided to play back that portion of the video and was shocked to see the floating light above her daughter. The misty white light is seen in the top right of the screen before it turns into an orb shape.

Jonathan said, “The first thing I thought was ‘is that a ghost.”

“I know it seems like a joke, but it’s inexplicable.”

“We still don’t know what it could be.

“No cars were passing by and we keep the room dark.”

Jonathan said that he went back upstairs after watching the video and saw the light was still there.

“It must have lasted about a minute to a minute-and-a-half in total.”

“Victoria was reluctant to let me take the baby back upstairs again. She was even more worried by it than me.”

Victoria who shared the video on Facebook said, “I wish I’d got my camera on quicker cos it was there before he even went in the room so it couldn’t have been a reflection or anything!”

“I’ve never believed in ghosts or anything… Just have no idea what it could be! Bit creeped out!”

Jonathan said the mysterious light has not been seen since, and that they had not seen anything like this there before.




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