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Ghost Child spotted in Window by Google Street View

by cnkguy
Ghost Child spotted in Window by Google Street View


Seaman’s Orphanage ghost

Someone looking on Google’s Street View at the Old Liverpool Seaman’s Orphanage, spotted what they believe is the ghost of a child looking out from the window.

The old building was originally built as an orphanage, later it was turned into medical hospital, then a mental hospital before finally closing in 1997.

Located in Liverpool, UK, the building is over 99,000 sq ft and is now the site of ghost tours as it is believed to be full ghosts.

Once housing 400 orphans and later 400 patients, the inside is in a state of decayed, from the old assembly hall, chilling mortuary, long corridors, dormitories, nine psychiatric wards, treatment rooms, winding staircases with anti-suicide grills, a huge kitchen and laundry.

The top floor attic corridor has what the locals call “naughty” cupboards, in which bad children were placed in solitary, pitch black confinement as a form of punishment.

Ghosts have been seen on the top floor and also in Ward G, with visitors describing noises and uneasy feelings when they have been touring inside the building.

Some ghost hunters reported hearing haunting voices, as well as disappearing circles and see a white mist.

Recently, developers have applied for permission to create a restaurant in the old building.

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