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Husband hires Ghostbuster after wife molested

by cnkguy
Husband hires Ghostbuster after wife molested

Evil Demon

Evil Demon

Husband hires Ghostbuster after wife molested

An English husband has hired a professional Ghosthunter to help protect his wife after she has been repeatedly molested while she sleeps.

Keiron Fry, 32, who lives in New Tredegar, South Wales, England, has paid a paranormal investigator $150 to help rid three ghosts from his home who he believes have been haunting his family for the past nine months.

Tracey Fry, 46, says the ghost keeps attacking her as she sleeps, leaving her covered with bruises the morning after.

Keiron even said that their three boys have been threatened by one of the spirits who has said via a Ouija board that he’ll ‘slit their parent’s throats’.

He said, “We are being molested by demons. My wife goes to bed fine, doesn’t feel anything in the night but when she wakes up she’s in agony. I wake up the next day and said: ‘I didn’t do that. I would never beat my wife.”

The 32 year old even produces a picture of what he believes is a ghost in his son’s bedroom which says shows a small child in a white gown with a blue face.

Keiron and Tracy Fry

Tracy Fry

Even the families cats are afraid to go upstairs with wife Tracy saying, “It’s getting worse and worse and there’s nothing we can do.”

“I wake up every morning in agony because of the demon. My husband rubs cream into my bruise back every day but the pain doesn’t go away.”

“We were told by the paranormal investigator that we have an incubus demon, the worst type of demon you can get.”

“He told us we have three demons in total, the other two helped the main demon pin me down.”

“It has affected our marriage because we have been rowing and fighting all the time about the demon. It has been feeding off all the negative energy.”

Ghostbuster Robert Amour, 43, who has over 20 years experience arrived at the Fry home with a bible, crucifix and rosary for his protection.

He promptly stopped family from going upstairs telling them he could ‘feel the evilness in the room.’

In a mere 20 minutes the paranormal investigator, told the family that he had slain two small demons.

Robert Amour said he struggled with the third demon and failed to kill it.

Saying, “As soon as I arrived at the home I could sense there was negative energy. The incubus was brought via a ouija board, they are an absolute danger and can bring through anything.”

“This particular one was reluctant to go.”

“I always speak to their residents first about exactly what they can see. I listen and deal with it from there.”

“I can normally see the demons straight away. I then focus on it and move it on to a heavenly state.”

“I don’t send it back where it came from. It takes a while for things to calm down as you have to allow the negative energy to return to positive energy.”

Local Vicar Jonathan Widdess has also tried to help the family get rid of the ghost saying, “we spoke about what was going on. We said a prayer to try and help him.”




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