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Ghost Photographed at Local Suicide Spot

by cnkguy
Ghost Photographed at Local Suicide Spot

Ghost lurking in bushes

Ghost lurking in bushes

Ghost Photographed at Local Suicide Spot

This image was captures by a member of ghost hunting group called the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers, while he was hiking in Queensland, Australia.

Brokc David was hiking in a national park near Goomburra, Toowoomba, in rural Queensland, where he had that creepy feeling that he was being watched.

Brokc said he didn’t see anything when he took the picture and only discovered the image of the man while looking through his photos from the days hike.

Posting the image on his Facebook, he shared his experiences of the day with the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers group saying that he’s been feeling haunted ever since he snapped the photo.

The post reads, “All of a sudden he felt as though he was being watched and followed and he felt an awful feeling of dread wash over him.”

“Then when going back through his photos he found this.”

“Bear in mind this is the middle of bushland, it’s rare to see something so large and ‘red’ and other hikers would be dressed differently.”

“Oddly enough I’ve been experiencing a similar feeling of dread every once in a while over the last week.”

“I’ll be walking down the street and all of a sudden feel like something is about to jump out at me from behind a tree,” he wrote online.”

The group said that hikers frequent the area and it rare to see anybody wearing a red shirt like the man in the photo and they believe it the ghost of someone that had committed suicide in that area.




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Toowoomba: Australia’s Most Haunted Town

by cnkguy
Toowoomba: Australia’s Most Haunted Town

Toowoomba 'The Lady in Red'

Toowoomba ghost hovering near a grave

Toowoomba: Australia’s Most Haunted Town

Toowoomba has fast become Australia’s Most Haunted Town which has left many people wondering why?

Many residents of this Queensland town named Toowoomba have reported many encounters with ghosts and other supernatural occurrences.

There have been so many reports that teams of ghost hunters has set up shop in this quite town of 150,000 about 125km west of Brisbane.

One group called Toowoomba Ghost Chasers have travelled around Toowoomba and said, “We have found Toowoomba is full of ghosts.”

The groups founder Ms. Samuels said that her team has photographs, videos and audio recordings of numerous ghosts which are posted on the group’s Facebook page.

Earlier this year, the group made front page news with a video posted showing the moment a spirit was seen floated across a backyard.

In the video a shadowy figure emerge from nowhere and then move around before disappearing.

Ms Samuels said, “I haven’t seen anything like it in a long time. It has to be something. There is no other explanation that we can come up with.”

Locals have also joined the hunt including Aaron Mulligan, who set his sights on detecting the town’s famed ‘lady in the red dress’ ghost who he believes to be Elizabeth Perkins, a resident who died in 1944.

Mr Mulligan told Daily Mail Australia that he went to the train station and called out the names of people he believed died nearby, and could possibly be haunting the area.

He went on to say that a lot of people have been killed at that station, Elizabeth Perkins was one. Using a K2 meter, he recorded changes in ‘electromagnetic energy’ and when he called her name the K2 meter lit up.

Toowoomba little girl in blue dress ghost

He then asked if it was Elizabeth Perkins and he said, “There were footsteps and she definitely walked past.”

Aaron went on to say he was once a funeral director which started his interest in the supernatural and he now has hundreds of investigations under his belt.

Another resident, Daniel Prentice, claims he was attacked by a spirit in a cemetery.

He said, “I was walking through like I do quite often, and there is a certain spot in there that I always get some strange feelings.”

“That particular night we decided to stop there and investigate further. I started to become a little frustrated because I knew something there.”

“Next thing I know I got pushed from a seated position in the middle of my back and I slid across the ground on my feet. I had marks on the middle of my back where I was pushed.”

In 2013, paranormal investigator Darren Davies studied the Royal Bulls Head Inn, a popular pub in the Toowoomba which is said to be haunted.

Speaking to the Toowoomba Chronicle, Mr Davies said, “We have uncovered a lot, and not all of it is nice. In fact, it has quite a dark history.”

“There have been a number of sudden as well as natural deaths at the Inn.”

Aaron Mulligan believes there are so many ghosts haunting Toowoomba is because of it’s violent past, saying, “It’s one of the oldest towns in Queensland, and it has a violent past, it’s was like the wild west.”







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Drowned Girls Ghost captured in Photo

by cnkguy
Drowned Girls Ghost captured in Photo

Swimming hole

Ghost of young girl

Drowned Girls Ghost captured in Photo

Kim Davison from Queensland, Australia posted the above photo of her and some friends swimming on ‘Toowoomba Ghost Chasers’ Facebook page.

At the time the picture was taken she never noticed anything unusual but examining it later, she was shocked to see an extra child in the photo.

Kim said, “At the time of taking this photo there was nothing between us.”

“I’m holding the little girl and that white head next to me with horns is not human, I can promise you that.”

“Its fingers are on my shoulder and on my daughter’s arm. They are long skeletal type fingers.”

After seeing the disturbing picture taken at Murphy’s Hole in Lockyer River, south-east Queensland,
researcher discovered that exactly 100 years ago a 13 year old girl drowned in that very spot!

The girls name was Doreen O Sullivan and her obituary was found in the Brisbane Courier dated November 22 1915.

Doreen O'Sullivan obit
The notice reads, ‘Doreen O Sullivan, aged 13 years, eldest daughter of Mr. James O’Sullivan was accidentally drowned whilst bathing in the Lockyer Creek on Friday afternoon.’

‘Nearly an hour elapsed, before the body was recovered. The spot, which has always been considered dangerous, is known as Murphy’s Hole, and is over 20 foot deep.’

‘The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon and was largely attended. The convent school children dressed in white, marching next to the hearse.’

Doreen O'Sullivan head stone

Thinking back Kim Davison recalls something had grabbed her daughters legs, saying, “On that day my daughter had her leg grabbed two times by something in the water.”

“When I went back in for one last dip to cool off I did feel something behind me as I was walking out of water but tried to ignore it.”

Kim also said that two paranormal experts looked at the photograph and after a thorough investigation came to the conclusion that the shape in the image is that of the girl who drowned in 1915.

Kim is also convinced that it’s Doreen O’Sullivan adding, “that entity exists in that same spot in the creek”.

Skeptics have said that it could just be a splash of water, another though it was just another kid swimming with them.

The admin of the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook page wrote, “We used to swim there all the time growing up and all I can say is just to be safe I’m never swimming there again!”




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