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The Stanley Hotel

by cnkguy
The Stanley Hotel

female ghost in the woods

The Stanley Hotel ghost

The Stanley Hotel

ESTES PARK, Colorado

With its Georgian architecture and stately beauty, The Stanley Hotel is most known for being haunted. It’s not just rumors or vague campfire like stories that have gave it its reputation plus the fact that Stephen King was so spooked after his visit he penned The Shining.

Countless guests have seen strange occurrences that cannot be discounted, lights turning on and off, doors opening and closing, laughter, footsteps, chills and drafts have cemented The Stanley’s reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in America.

Longtime employees will admit to at least four spirits that regularly walk the hotel’s corridors, halls and rooms. Lucy, Eddie, Paul, and Elizabeth, none of whose playful personalities made the final cut in King’s story, may be eternal guests of the hotel. In essence though, they seem to just be dedicated, die-hard employees and travelers.

Elizabeth Wilson who was the chief housekeeper during an early summer storm in 1911, was injured in an explosion as she was lighting the acetylene lanterns in room 217. She survived with both ankles broken, but to this day takes special care of room 217’s guests, maybe even Steve King, who stayed there just days before Stanley closed for the winter.

King is said to have encountered a young child during his stay, though there were no children staying there at the time. Guests have reported items moved, luggage unpacked, and lights being turned on and off.

The Concert Hall also is a hot spot for paranormal activity. Paul was a jack-of–all-trades, who’s job was to enforce the hotel’s 11 p.m. curfew. One night in 2005 he experienced chest pains and died of a heart attack while going from the hotel to the hospital.

A construction worker repairing the floors a few years ago, believes Paul physically nudged him to the door after feeling two arms pull him back. Paul is also known to flicker the flashlights of touring groups.

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