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Ghostly Orb Sets Off Motion Detector

by cnkguy
Ghostly Orb Sets Off Motion Detector

Ghostly Orb Sets Off Motion Detector

Ghostly Orb Sets Off Motion Detector

Ghostly Orb Sets Off Motion Detector

CCTV cameras set up in the The Shaws Bay Hotel, known as The Shawsy, in East Ballina, northern New South Wales captured this haunting footage after the motion detector was set off and the camera started filming.

In the footage we can see the empty pub, with a mysterious floating orb moving slow across the screen.

The video was uploaded to Facebook last week by Marty Byrne, who is the pub owners son. He said the video was taken at 1am on Wednesday August 5th, 2015.

Marty said, “We basically just stumbled on this footage,” as he explained that the security camera works off of a motion detector.

The Shaws Bay Hotel is located right next door to the historic Fenwick House, built in 1886 by sea Captain Thomas Fenwick.

And the story is told that one of the Captain’s children, his daughter named Sarah, died mysteriously aged seven months old in 1887.

This story has led many people to believe that the floating light in the pub maybe the spirit of the dead baby.

One former resident of that house said, “As a person who has lived in the old house, let me just say it is a very spiritually active house and area.”

And a local resident added, “It’s been haunted since I was a kid 30 years ago, alarms would set itself off, doors open without anyone there… super spooky.”

The Victorian manor was built in 1886, and is thought to have cost $14,000 which was a sizable amount in that day. No expense was spared with a mahogany staircase, cedar doors, Italian marbled tiles and fireplaces, a ballroom, four-meter high ceilings and chandeliers.

The little baby girl who died, who is buried at the Ballina Pioneer Cemetery, and no cause of death was every determined, and the Captain in his grief name one of his ships after her.

That steamship was called The Sarah Fenwick, was it sank off Richmond River Heads in March, 1900.

Marty went on to say, “There’s been talk for many, many years that there’s a spirit named Sarah.”

And after all that talk he’d never encountered anything unusual, until the footage from earlier this month saying, “If someone’s got a better explanation, I’m happy to hear it.”




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