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Ghost Hunters spot Ghostly Doctor

by cnkguy
Ghost Hunters spot Ghostly Doctor

Ghost Hunters spot Ghostly Doctor

Ghost Hunters spot Ghost

Ghost Hunters spot Ghostly Doctor

Ghosthunter Jamie-Leigh Brown, 21, said, “It freaked me out,” after viewing the photo she took of the ghostly doctor.

The young woman had been exploring the old derelict St Thomas’s Hospital in Stockport, Manchester England.

Closed down in 2004, the abandoned St Thomas’s Hospital was once home to the notorious Victorian workhouse called The Grubber which house up to almost 700 inmates at it’s heyday.

Jamie was walking the abandoned corridors with several friends when she took the chilling photo. She didn’t check her camera when she took it photo because of the footsteps they were hearing above them, which scared them so bad that they bolted from the building.

It was later when reviewing her pictures did she spot the specter, telling The Sun; “It freaked me out. It was standing in a lift shaft. It’s really creepy to think my friend was just heading towards the area where the ghost was.”

“We’d only gone into the workhouse for a laugh and to look around. We kept hearing noises above us like shuffling and footsteps but hadn’t actually seen anything.”

St Thomas’s, formerly known as Shaw Heath Hospital, shut down 11 years ago after treating thousands of psychiatric patients.

The derelict building also known as The Grubber was featured in an episode of Paranormal Investigation’s show Most Haunted three year ago.

There have been other sightings of ghoulish spirits at this site, including a ‘radiant woman dressed as a nurse or a nun’ according to – a website that lists reports of ghosts.




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