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Texas Woman tries to Resurrect Dead Boy

by cnkguy
Texas Woman tries to Resurrect Dead Boy

 Resurrect Dead Boy

Texas Woman tries to Resurrect Dead Boy

Texas Woman tries to Resurrect Dead Boy

Aracely Meza has been arrested at her home in Dallas while police investigate exactly what happened to the boy.

Meza was has been charged with injury to a child and causing serious bodily injury by omission. The 49-year-old woman is being held on $100,000 bond at the local jail.

Reporters went to her home in Balch Springs, about 15 miles east of Dallas, but no one would answer the door and phone calls went unanswered.

Witnesses said to police that Meza and the boy’s parents believed him to be possessed by a demon and were starving him in an attempt to drive the evil spirit from the 2 year old boy named Benjamin.

A witness said, “They didn’t give the child any food for about 25 days. They just gave him some water, which ultimately caused the child to die.”

A member of Iglesia Internacional Jesus es el Rey Church which operated from the home, Nazareth Zurita said that she saw the child “looking frail and weak” the day before the resurrection ceremony, according to the police. She said the toddler fell and hit his head several times, but she hesitated to help him “due to his demon possession.”

Zurita went on to say that she saw the child the next day being held by church leader Daniel Meza (Aracely Meza’s husband), who was trying to revive the boy through a miracle during the ritual. Adding that “it took her a while to figure out” the child was dead.

In the video, Meza uses oils to try and bring him back to life while also praying and speaking in tongues during the ‘rising ceremony’ which lasted for hours.

She also invokes Jesus to give life into the child.

Police believe the boy died on March 21 or early the next day, and that the ceremony held March 22 at Meza’s home on Duke Drive was an attempt to resurrect the child

“Apparently, they held a ceremony called ‘the rising,’ in which they tried to resurrect the child back from the dead,” Zurita said.

Lt Mark Maret said to CBS news, “We don’t know if this was to try and resurrect the spirit of the child and we don’t know if this was to try and resurrect the child themselves or what exactly that service or ceremony encompasses.”

Another church member, Delia Guadalupe Oyervides Herrera, told police she tried several times to feed the child during the 25-day fast, “but was scolded by the pastors of the church.”

She said that she confronted the mother as to why she would allow her child to be starved and was “advised that it was God’s will.”

Zurita said Meza “was considered a prophet” who “would advise to the other members of the church what God has said to her.”

Julia Contreras who live 3 house away from the residential church, said the street was full of cars every Sunday, said, “It would be packed with cars every Wednesday, sometimes Saturday and mainly on Sunday.”

The home was not registered or zoned to operate as a church, code inspectors for the city said, however its website states the national headquarters are at the home’s address.

The child’s parents have reportly fled to Mexico with the child’s body the following day.




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