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Deceased Wife Haunts Widower

by cnkguy
Deceased Wife Haunts Widower

Mr Wiseman holding picture

Mr Wiseman with wife Yvonne

Deceased Wife Haunts Widower

Ted Wiseman believes that his late wife has been hanging around keeping an eye on him.

After 46 years of marriage and two kids, Yvonne Wiseman suffered a stroke and later died. And now her husband says she been complaining about his bed time habits and the how he keeps the house that they once shared in Halesowen, West Midlands, England.

The 79 year old retiree says that the ‘love of his life’, who died at age 65 from a stroke in May 2014, had always worn the pants in their marriage.

But in this past year, he said his wife has been contacting him from somewhere beyond the grave, and telling him off for wearing her slippers in bed.

Mr Wiseman said, “Yvonne was the gaffer so I’m not surprised she’s still bossing me around now.”

“Last month I left a tea towel on the side, and when I turned around it had been put back in its rightful place.”

“Yvonne kept a clean house and she hated anything being out of place. I was drifting off to sleep the other night when she told me to ‘Stop sniffing’.”

He added, “She always used to complain about my habits in bed.”

“Some people might be upset about being nagged by their wife, but it’s quite comforting to me.”

Throughout Mrs. Wiseman’s life she controlled her family and everyone else who came near the house.

Mr. Wiseman went on to say, “One day a young lad knocked on our door saying he was being chased and could he come in.”

“Yvonne was having none of it and just chased him back down the driveway.”

“Although she always spoke her mind, Yvonne was never nasty. I’d often suggest going places or doing something and she’d just chuckle and say “no”. And that was the end of that.”

“I never won those arguments,” he recalled.

During their marriage, Mr. Wiseman, a former crossing guard, and Yvonne, a care home worker, had two children and five grandchildren.

Their son David was with his father when Yvonne first made her presence known from beyond the grave.

The father and son were sitting in an Indian restaurant near by when they watched a side dish side across the table and stop next to Ted.

David, 45, said, “We were waiting for our main dishes and there were other dishes all over the table.”

“It was perfectly flat, but all of a sudden this one dish moved from one side of the table over next to me.”

“I just knew there and then mum was still with us. She was always trying to sort us out, even when we were out and about.”

After that encounter, Mr. Wiseman got in contact with a medium to help explain the ghostly goings on.

When she visited the home he said that he received a stern telling off from Yvonne through the clairvoyant demanding he take her slippers off.

Since that encounter, Mr. Wiseman said Yvonne has moved a dirty soap dispenser off the kitchen worktop and even helped with the laundry.

He said, “I had just put a load in the washing machine and had put some condition on the top.”

“When I turned around to grab the powder and start the wash, the conditioner had gone. I checked the drawer and it was already in there.”

Ted’s now a believer in ghosts saying, “I used to be a sceptic, but not anymore. I’m seeing it almost every week at least.”

“It’s definitely happening to me through Yvonne.”




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