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Golden Fleece Pub Ghost Photographed

by cnkguy
Golden Fleece Pub Ghost Photographed

Golden Fleece Pub Ghost Photographed

Golden Fleece Pub Ghost Photographed

Golden Fleece Pub Ghost Photographed

This picture was taken about 1 year ago by Susanne Taggart as she was preparing to conduct a paranormal investigation later that evening with her husband Steve Taggart.

Susanne, who runs the UK Shadow Seekers paranormal investigation team, said the photo clearly shows the shape of a man behind the bar, and she believes it’s the ghost of a former landlord who hanged himself on the premises.

The pub is notoriously known to be haunted and was featured on the TV show Most Haunted, and staff have complained of feeling a strange tightness around their necks while working there.

Susanne explains the photo saying, “I was just taking a few shots of the scene around us while we had our dinner. I wasn’t even thinking of using them for anything, it was just to show where we were going to be investigating later.”

“But then later that evening when my husband Steve was looking through the pictures he spotted a strange shadow behind the bar.

“It was very dark and it clearly is the lurking shape of big person as you can see the head and shoulders, but the only person in the shot was the girl behind the bar and you can see her on the left. She confirmed to us that no one else was there with her.

“There was a kitchen door behind the figure but it is completely obscured by this shadow. None of us could believe it. Quite a few people in our group were shook by the photo and we found it very unsettling.”

Now, long after taking the picture she is asking the publics help in identifying the shape saying, “Despite being a paranormal investigator, I am definitely a sceptic. While I like to think there could be something out there, I think there is a rational explanation to most the things we see and think are ‘supernatural’.

“So when I saw this picture, despite it being very creepy, I thought there must be a rational explanation.”

A pub was first mentioned in the city records on the present site of The Golden Fleece, all the way back in 1503 and despite a few changes over the years, the building has remained largely the same.




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