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Ghostly Siren Haunts English Town

by cnkguy
Ghostly Siren Haunts English Town

English Air Raid Siren

Swansea England

Ghostly Siren Haunts English Town

For the past year an English town that was heavily bombed during WW2 has be haunted be the sounds of old air raid sirens.

Swansea a small seaside town in Wales was bombed for three strait days by the German Luftwaffe 75 years ago which resulted in 230 deaths and now the air raid siren has been reportedly heard late at night.

Debbie Leyshon, 46, a town resident said: “Everyone around here has heard it around dawn and into the early morning. It sounds just like a siren you hear in the war films.”

“It always sounds like it is away in the distance, but still loud enough to wake you up if you are a light sleeper.”

Town officials have investigated but have admitted that they can’t find and trace of the source, and have not possible explanation for the noise.

Stella Elphick says, “It’s been going on for at least the last two summers and through the winter. Day and night.”

While Pete Rose adds, “It drives my mother insane and I often hear it when visiting her,’ while Damian Holt said: ‘Every morning around 4.30/5am till 6am or 7am most mornings.”

While many people have heard the sound, there is no agreement on where it might be coming from or what’s causing it.

Possible theories range from pub noise, a factory shift whistle, trains sounding their horns before entering a tunnel and a far-away lighthouse foghorn.

All of these have been investigated and none seems to be emitting the ghostly siren from 1941.




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