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Muslim Exorcist Murdered by Possessed Man

by cnkguy
Muslim Exorcist Murdered by Possessed Man

Zakariyya Islam

Muslim Exorcist Murdered by Possessed Man

Muslim Exorcist Murdered by Possessed Man

Zakariyya Islam, 45, father of three worked as a Muslim Cleric who specialized in exorcisms of possessed people at his ‘black magic’ Ruqya Therapy Centre in Whitechapel, London, England where he was brutality stabbed to death by a man he was trying to save.

London police have arrested a 43 year old man and say ‘they are not looking for anyone else’ and the suspect is reported to have some serious hand wounds which were treated at the nearby hospital.

Originally from Bangladesh, Mr. Islam was raise in the UK said his colleague Tasawer Islam, 51 who said, “It was the last thing I expected to hear. I am lost for words that something like this could happen to him.”

Explaining about the work they do he said they also offers similar treatments over Skype saying that it’s something similar to what you would call clairvoyance.

“We recite directly from the Quran and it’s the words that are very soothing.”

“Everything that is damaging around you gets destroyed but lots of people don’t believe or they don’t understand.”

“People with mental health issues – all we have to do is speak to them – not even physical contact – we just say the words.”

“It’s like yoga. We do the recitations from the Quran for about 30-40 minutes and people feel better.”

“You can be inhabited or possessed by these powers – everything around you feels bad. You feel miserable and you want to sleep all the time.”

“A doctor will just tell you that you need to sleep it off but by listening to the Quran you can get rid of it all.”

“It is using the Quran to exorcise those spirits.”

Video producer Minhaj Kibriyah, who rents an adjacent shop said, “The speculation is that one of his patients was possessed by a demon and they got in and attacked him.”

“Lots of demons possess people and it’s a crisis. It’s very possible that a demon wanted to attack him. These demons hold a grudge – it’s possible one of them used a body to attack him.”

“There was blood all over the floor in the street right in front of my office. It’s scary and shocking that something like this could happen just next door.”

“He is very well known in the community, his brother in law is a very good friend of mine.”

Mr. Islam was a former caretaker at Stepney Green Secondary School and was a member of Islamic Forum of Europe.




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