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Pocatello High School GHOST

by cnkguy
Pocatello High School GHOST

Pocatello High School GHOST

Pocatello High School GHOST

Pocatello High School GHOST

Imagine having to go a school that was haunted, well that’s exactly what the students at Pocatello High in Idaho must do.

While many thought the school was haunted after several deaths happened there, including a girl was hanged herself in a locker, it wasn’t until December 19th where solid proof of a ghost was captured on the schools CCTV camera.

The amazing footage shows a shadow-like figure of what looks like an adult standing by the drinking fountain, before it’s seen walking over to the bathroom, then it walks back out and goes down the hallway.

Paranormal experts, John and Lisa Brian, from the Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Organization were asked to investigate after several reports of someone tampering with the lights surfaced.

John said while viewing the CCTV footage, “You can see that it’s not necessarily a person, but more so a translucent figure walking down the hall.”

He and Lisa said that the footage is raw, and the surveillance footage can’t be tampered with because it’s design is so secure for legal reasons.

Students have also reported strange occurrences such as the bathroom toilets flushing, and when they go in to check it out, the stall is empty.

Lisa says, “We have watched the footage multiple times and even slowed it down and really analyzed it. It’s a really great piece of footage.”

“You can just see the lights going on and off, the police were called because of these issues going on in the building, all of that just goes to show that it wasn’t something someone just put on there, but instead it was something that really happened.”

John said that there have been many deaths in the school, explaining, “Everything from girls having a suicide pact and hanging themselves on their lockers, to a librarian who hung herself on the chandelier, to a boy who drowned in the original swimming pool.”

The ghost team not only documents the actual events but they also look into the history behind them, trying to find a back story or an explanation. Talking to witnesses and local historians, they examine all possible explanations they hear, and look into the truth of the stories.

John said he and the crew have confirmed that there were six deaths that happened at the school, such as the boy who drowned in the pool, so that’s why the pool was taken out.

They discovered that the school was rebuilt after a fire, and reopened in 1917 in a way that saw parts of the school that were moved to other parts of the building.

Giving an example, John said there have been theater students, teachers, and even janitors who refuse to be alone in the theater at night since they claim to have heard voices or the piano playing when nobody was there.

Lisa adds, “People have even felt someone walking up right behind them where hairs have stood up on their neck and when they turn around, nobody is there.:

John and Lisa said during one of their investigations in the school, some of their equipment went missing. A week later, a janitor found their equipment perched on a window sill in one of the school’s stairwells. He said the sill was so high, nobody would be able to reach it without a ladder.

The Brian’s explain that their purpose is not to try and convince people the supernatural exists but instead, to help understand something inexplicable that has been haunting people for almost a century.

To find out more about John and Lisa and the SPIRO crew, you can go here: SPIROparanormal

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