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FACES Seen In Flames Of Burning Church

by cnkguy
FACES Seen In Flames Of Burning Church

Park Congregational Church fire

FACES Seen In Flames Of Burning Church

FACES Seen In Flames Of Burning Church

When the church in Llanelli, South Wales caught on fire, the residence there had no idea of the social media frenzy it was about to create.

Photos of the Park Congregational Church on fire show what appears to be two face in the flames! Could this faces be the tormented souls who were some how trapped inside the old church?

The photos were taken by Robert Davies Thursday evening, the night of the blaze and if you look closely you can clearly make out two big faces in the roaring flames.

Robert swears that the picture was NOT Photoshopped in anyway saying, “It is 100 per cent not Photoshopped! I took it on my phone and uploaded it to Facebook straight away.”

FACES in flames of burning church

The psychological phenomenon of seeing faces in fires, lights or shadow has a name and it’s called Pareidolia: where the mind perceives a familiar pattern where none actually exists.

It is also the same as seeing faces or objects in cloud formations, but as these faces appear in a burning church it raise much more serious question about the afterlife.

Thirty firefighters were able to extinguish the fire and police have arrested five boys aged 15 and 16 in connection with the inferno.






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