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CCTV camera captures strange light outside Synagogue

by cnkguy
CCTV camera captures strange light outside Synagogue

Michael Oishie

CCTV camera captures strange light outside Synagogue

CCTV camera captures strange light outside Synagogue

Watch this mysterious white ball as it floats outside of a synagogue in Ukraine.

While checking the CCTV footage, Jewish rabbi Michael Oishie, spotted this strange light floating around outside his synagogue in the city of Zaporozhye in Southeast Ukraine.

The time stamp marked it at 4am and the light is clearing seen as it hovers in the parking lot of the newly built synagogue. and after 20 seconds it disappears.

Michael, who moved to Ukraine from Jerusalem in Israel, posted the strange video on his Facebook page saying’ “Strange things happened in the Synagogue around four o’clock in the morning.”

His Facebook friends posted their comments on want they thought the light was with one Osher Litman saying, “Creepy.”

Menachem Garber wrote, “Infrared light can ‘blind’ the camera. It was someone with an infrared flashlight.”

While Josi Kirjner said, “Actually, it is a rare but known natural phenomenon known as lightning balls.”

We looked up Lightning Balls and found out that they usually occur during rainstorms, and from the video there is clearly no rain that night.

One woman said’ “This looks more extra-terrestrial or paranormal to me. But why ghosts or aliens would be visiting this place I have no idea.”

The newly-built synagogue and Jewish community center was attacked last with Molotov Cocktails so the security camera were installed and were never expecting this.

After this incident the staff there will be keeping a close eye out for future paranormal events.




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