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Ghosts Haunt British Pub

by cnkguy
Ghosts Haunt British Pub

woman's ghost
Old Crown in Digbeth

Ghosts Haunt British Pub

A Midlands pub is haunted by a ghost and it had one of it’s creepy moments captured on CCTV camera.

The Old Crown in Digbeth, Birmingham is said to be haunted with the barmaids there claiming that the ghost has pinched their bottoms.

But until now there has been no real proof, but this latest incident was seen by patrons who were seated at the bar when a bottle of blackcurrant cordial mysteriously started moving and fell off the counter to the floor.

The incident was witnessed by two customers, Andy Lightfoot, 48, and Rudie Jones, 26, who immediately leaned over the bar to see what had happened.

Mr Lightfoot said, “It was very freaky. We couldn’t understand how on earth the bottle toppled over the bar like that.”

Barmaid Amy Carter had momentarily left the bar to fetch something from the basement, and when she returns was quite furious as she thought the men were horsing around.

She said, “I went down to the cellar to get some more bottles, and suddenly I heard a big bang from upstairs. I immediately rushed back to the bar to see Andy and Rudie leaning over staring at the bottle on the floor.”

“When I came to the bar and saw the blackcurrant cordial on the floor, I was furious. I thought Andy and Rudie had been messing around and dropped the bottle on purpose.”

“But Andy and Rudie kept swearing that it wasn’t them and begged me to check out the CCTV footage.”

“I actually made a £20 bet that they had pushed the bottle themselves as a prank. But when I saw the recording, I couldn’t believe it.”

Old Crown in Digbeth

Old Crown in Digbeth
“I thought maybe Andy and Rudie had used some string to push the bottle but there’s no rational explanation for what happens in that video. It’s really shaken me.”

The Old Crown, which dates from 1368, has had several ghosts sightings reported with Barmaid Miss Carter and another female staff member claim that they have had their bottoms pinched by the ghost.

Staff have even been known to quit their jobs at this historic pub, one which Queen Elizabeth I reportedly stayed in, because of fears about ghosts.

Pub owner Ciaran Healey said, “Two years ago, our long-serving chef came in one morning and saw a ghostly figure of a lady walk straight through a door.”

“He was so scared afterwards that he locked himself in the disabled toilet until the other staff arrived. A day later, he quit the job for good even though he’d been really happy at The Old Crown.”

“To be honest, we usually try to detach ourselves from our ghostly reputation because it makes it hard to find employees who are willing to work here.”

“Barmaids don’t usually stay long here because they become terrified of the place when they’re locking up at night.”

Ciaran has hired mediums saying, “We’ve had several mediums come to The Old Crown and they said that the Battle of Camp Hill during The English Civil War, was fought just outside the pub so they think that’s why we have so many ghosts here.”

“A few mediums have talked about a drunken ghost called Gus, who we think is responsible for pinching bottoms and smashing bottles.”

“The psychics also mentioned a ghostly woman whose baby fell down the well that we have in The Old Crown. Apparently, she wanders around longing for her lost child.”




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