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Goldfield Hotel

by cnkguy
Goldfield Hotel

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Goldfield Hotel, Nevada

Goldfield Hotel

Goldfield began when gold was discovered in 1902 and within just a few short years, it became the largest city in Nevada, as millions of dollars in ore were extracted from the areas mines. Like other cities, whose only reason for being was its mining industry, when the ore ran out, the town died. At it’s peak the city had three newspapers, five banks, a mining stock exchange, and a population of nearly 35,000.

By 1920, the gold gone and the town was reduced to just about 1,500 people. Three years later, fire wiped out 27 city blocks. Today, there is less than 500 residence.

In 1908, the Goldfield Hotel, opened to much fanfare. Built to replace the Nevada Hotel, which had burned down in a fire in 1905, the hotel was first owned by J. Franklin Douglas and several other investors. The four story building cost over $300,000 to build and boosted of 154 rooms with telephones, electric lights and heated steam.

Shortly after the hotel was built, it was sold to George Wingfield. Though George Wingfield owned a majority interest in the hotel, his principle partner, Casey McDannell, managed and operated the hotel.

In 1923, the Goldfield Hotel was sold once again, this time to Newton Crumley, another hotel entrepreneur who owned the Commericial Hotel in Elko, Nevada. Crumley, believed there was gold in the area and dug two mine shafts beneath the hotel in 1925. However, both resulted in “dry holes.”

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