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Incredible Footage Shows Ghost Walking in English Bar

by cnkguy
Incredible Footage Shows Ghost Walking in English Bar

Dream Water Lounge wine spa ghost

Dream Water Lounge wine spa ghost

Incredible Footage Shows Ghost Walking in English Bar

This CCTV footage from England shows a ghost walking down a hall in the Dream Water Lounge wine bar, located in Stockton Heath, Cheshire, England.

This spooky film taken after hours clearing shows the silhouette of a person moving down the hallway, and even more shocking, the fixed CCTV camera begins to shake.

The bar which also features a spa, opened in April of this year and already staff have been complaining of a uncomfortable atmosphere there, plus there have been a number of unexplained stuff such as taps turning on by themselves as well as loud banging coming from nowhere.

Simon Ellison, 44, the owners son who now lives in Denmark said, “I don’t know about this footage but I know that the building is not a pleasant place to be on your own.”

“The staff have all complained of strange feelings or noises. I built the bar after my dad took over the property and have heard strange noises and banging.”

“I stayed there on my own once and within six minutes of being alone I had called a taxi.”

“A professional has told me if it is real then this is the best footage of all time and they want to set up a ghost camera here.”

Simon thinks the version being circulated on social media is over the top adding, “For one it is CCTV. It records all the time, not just because there is motion. Also it has a battery symbol in the corner and our CCTV runs from the mains.”

“And the camera shaking is a nice touch.”

“I am not sure what the moving figure is. Everyone has different ideas. Some say it is a woman, I have even seen people say they think it is someone on a horse. That makes me laugh because if you could see that bridge you would know you could never get a horse down there.”

“But another strange thing is that there are gaps missing on the scroll bar. The cameras record constantly and for some reason there are gaps of around two or three hours on that day.”

“And you can’t lock the doors if there is someone left in the building so when the staff locked up that night, the building had to have been empty.”

Dream Water Lounge wine spa

Simon adds that the film isn’t the only strange occurrence that’s happened there saying, “On one occasion I was called to the bar at night after one of the taps broke. I was with the plumber and one of the builders and we looked back at the CCTV.”

“We wanted to catch the person that did it so we could make them pay for the damage but there was no one even in the bathroom on the footage.”

“The three of us, all grown men, – the builder, Luke, is a cage fighter – sat and watched the footage and you could just see the tap move about 25cm on its own.”

“To this day we still don’t know how it happened.”

Builder Luke Taylor, 35, said, “We got called to the bar the first weekend after it opened to sort one of the taps out. But when we got there the way it had snapped someone would have had to have grabbed it and snapped it.”

“I don’t believe in that sort of thing – but I believe in what I can see and there was no other way to explain it. You could see it move on its own on the CCTV.”

“We must have watched the footage back about three or four times.”

After the CCTV footage was posted online, Simon was contacted by local paranormal experts who said they had visited the site before when it was the Aries nightclub.

Simon adds, “I got a call after the footage was leaked online from a paranormal expert who asked us if we were on the same site as the old Aries nightclub.”

“My dad took over the building from Aries, so I said yes – and he was really interested and said they had actually been there before to do investigations because staff had been scared and things had gone missing.”

“We didn’t know anything about that when we took it over.”




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