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Camera Captures Stable Boys Ghost

by cnkguy
Camera Captures Stable Boys Ghost

Camera Captures Stable Boys Ghost

Camera Captures Stable Boys Ghost

Camera Captures Stable Boys Ghost

Sefton Paranormal Investigators were on a ghosthunt at Liverpool Town Hall last December when they captured this footage.

The footage shows what they believe is the spirit of a stable boy who wanders the halls of Liverpool’s historic walking past a window of the 18th century building.

The team spent 6 hours on their stake out and said they experienced several odd happenings and claim that an angry spirit to them to get out of there.

Pamela Robinette, a member of the team said, “The whole evening was really eerie – we felt as though we were being watched from every corner of the building.”

“The apparition we caught on video appeared in the commons room while the team were exploring further into the town hall.”

“There have been many sightings at the town hall – including a grey lady wearing a hat, a little girl named Molly.”

“And there have also been sightings of a stable boy walking up and down within the chambers room were we caught our evidence.”

“One of the ladies who was with us that night is very sensitive and picked up the stable boy in that part of the building which is where the carriages used to come in and out.”

“Liverpool town hall brought us a broad array of anomalies that could not be explained with logical answers – all of our equipment signaled towards the presence of something paranormal.”

“And some of the public members that attended that night were very shaken up, and for some this was their first paranormal experience.”

“Because there were so many reports of anomalies, we have decided to go back to this magnificent building to do further tests and experiments and hopefully capture something solid on film.”




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