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Meet Real Life Psychic Laura Lynne Jackson

by cnkguy
Meet Real Life Psychic Laura Lynne Jackson

Meet Real Life Psychic Laura Lynne Jackson

Meet Real Life Psychic Laura Lynne Jackson

Meet Real Life Psychic Laura Lynne Jackson

Psychics DO exist and Laura Lynne Jackson is just one of 19 people to be declared a certified medium in the US.

Laura is a school teacher in New York and does psychic work on the side, and after years of keeping her little side job a secret she has decided to come clean and tell the world about her incredible gift.

Writing a story for the Daily Mail she talks about her work as psychic and why she decided to go public.

He’s short sample of what she said:

‘There were too many stories to recount here, but I’ll mention one. At just 15, Jessie had left her family heartbroken when she died in 2007, just five days after contracting a virus.

‘She wants to thank you for the butterflies,’ I told her parents, Joe and Maryann.

They looked at each other, and Maryann reached for a tissue. Only later did they tell me that they’d recently chosen a gravestone carved with butterflies for their daughter.

They were less convinced by what Jessie showed me next: a cat stuck on a tree branch. It was only weeks later that Joe recalled idly tossing Jessie’s favourite stuffed cat into a tree, where it wedged in a branch. He’d meant to retrieve it later, but the toy was still there.

As a third proof of her presence, she told me about a blue policeman’s hat. Joe looked stunned. Before she died, Jessie had gone to a camp for teens run by the police, and Joe had given her money to buy a policeman’s hat. However, she’d forgotten, and instead spent the money on something else.

No one thought anything of it. Then, at Jessie’s funeral, something inexplicable happened. A police officer, holding a hat — a man Joe had never met — came up to him. ‘I got this hat for you,’ he told Joe, his eyes filling with tears. ‘I don’t know why — I just know I’m supposed to give it to you.’

Joe hadn’t been at all sure what to make of this unexpected offering. But the explanation is simple: just about anyone can be a messenger, as long as the person chosen is willing to keep his or her heart and mind open to the Other Side.

Jessie had wanted me to mention that hat so that her parents would know that she was here in the room. But she then moved on to more personal and significant messages. She was particularly anxious for them to know they’d been right to make the agonising decision to take her off life-support. By then, she was bleeding in her brain, she said.

As it turned out, doctors had told her parents this was the case — but they’d never mentioned this to another soul, and they’d never been sure whether to believe it.

But Jessie’s most important message to her parents was that she was still with them. Indeed, I heard this again and again from all the children who crowded round me.

Here’s her Facebook page – Psychic Medium Laura Lynne Jackson

And Twitter – Laura Lynne Jackson

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