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Shocking footage shows Angels at Work

by cnkguy
Shocking footage shows Angels at Work

Real Angel cloud

Angels filmed in Kazakhstan

Shocking footage shows Angels at Work

The video was filmed in Kazakhstan, and is reportedly taking the spirit of a child who had just died to Heaven.

A couple believed to be in Astana, Kazakhstan spotted some unusual bright lights. Quickly grabbing their camera they managed to capture this amazing footage.

At the time of filming they had no idea that a young child had just died in the apartment building. And had no idea what they were filming.

It was only later that they learned of the child’s death, then they realized that what they saw could only have been Angels guiding the child’s soul to Heaven.

The footage is blurry and very shaky, but you can clearly see two very bright lights emerging from the roof top of the build before seeing them rise up into the sky.

Skeptics claim that the bright lights are merely reflections from the sun, what do you think?




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