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Tutbury Castle Ghost Caught on Film

by cnkguy
Tutbury Castle Ghost Caught on Film

Tutbury Castle Ghost Caught on Film

Tutbury Castle Ghost Caught on Film

Tutbury Castle Ghost Caught on Film

A team of Ghost Hunter got quite the shock when they were visited by a real ghost while filming.

It happened at Tutbury Castle located in Staffordshire, England while the group were filming for the TV show called The Past Hunters.

The startling footage shows a shadow resembling a man standing motionless for about 20 seconds before it begins to move, then it quickly disappears.

The old castle has a long and colorful history with many ghost being sighting in and around the grounds. The ghost captured in this latest incident is believed to be ‘The Keeper’ a man wearing a suit of armour who is known for shouting at guests.

Bex Palmer, co-director of The Past Hunters, is seen pointing out the figure before grabbing hold of psychic medium Derek Acorah.

The sighting occurred while Sean Reynolds, the other co-director and Bex’s fiancé, was setting up some production equipment in the King’s Bedroom which is next door.

Just before the footage was taken, the filming crew stopped filming because of a noisy taps, footsteps and bangs that came seemed to come from ‘nowhere’.

Bex, 32, reported the sighting to the staff at the castle and they said the shadowy figure had often been seen, but never captured on film before.

The mother of two said, “It was so scary. I am quite tough on investigations but I was terrified because it seemed as though it was coming towards us.”

“There was a real sense of unease that Derek had been picking up on since we got there.”

“The curator Lesley Smith mentioned a shadowy figure later on and when we told her what we’d seen, it completely matched up.”

“She was just as excited as us that we’d captured it on camera, we couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks afterwards.”

On the castle’s website it describes the ghost as, ‘Wearing a full suit of armour, and behaving in a manner that might best be described as authoritative, this ghostly figure has been seen stepping out in John of Gaunt’s Gateway and bellowing “Get thee hence!”’

The website goes on to say, ‘Although last sighted in daylight about four years ago, by a visitor who complained that an idiot of an enactor had told him to “get over the fence”, recent increases in paranormal activity might suggest that another visit could be imminent.’

The ghost of Mary Queen of Scots is also rumored to be active in the old castle, as she was held captive in the castle under Queen Elizabeth I.

The Past Hunters medium did an initial walk-around of the castle to get a feel for any paranormal hotspots, with Bex saying, “When we arrive at a new venue, we explore first before we turn the cameras on, just to get a feel for the place and see whether Derek is receiving any psychic connections.”

“It felt really eerie and intense and Derek could tell very quickly that someone was nearby, moving around the rooms with us.”

“We then began to record the introduction to the episode but were drowned out by tapping, banging and footsteps. They came from out of nowhere and we knew we were the only people in the castle at the time. It was just us and our two crew members in the room. We tried to find the source of the noise but it quickly went deathly quiet.”

“At around 11pm, Sean went next door into the King’s Bedroom to set up a locked-off camera on a trigger object which would hopefully detect any activity. Derek was talking me through the energy in the room when I spotted the shadow over his shoulder by candlelight.”

“I’ve seen a lot of things but I still react the same way every time, I clutched onto him, petrified.”

“The figure stood there for a while, made its way across the room as though it was coming towards us and we then lost sight of it.”

“To be sure that what we’d seen wasn’t a shadow from one of the team, the cameraman swooped around the room with the camera to check no-one else was there.”

“We normally like to try and debunk things that we see because we still sit on the fence when it comes to ghosts, but we don’t think there’s any other explanation for what we saw.”

Sean, 32, said, “While I was setting up the camera next door, I could hear soft footsteps. When I came back in, they told me what they’d just witnessed and we couldn’t believe it.”

“The weirdest part of our ghost hunts is when you’re in an empty building and you can just hear the footsteps moving around you. That night we also suddenly had a chandelier start to swing above our heads.”

The Past Hunters will air in the US in October.




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