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Ghosts Appear on Baby Monitor

by cnkguy
Ghosts Appear on Baby Monitor

Ghosts Appear on Baby Monitor

Ghosts Appear on Baby Monitor

Ghosts Appear on Baby Monitor
Jade Yates couldn’t believe what she was seeing on her baby monitor, set up on her daughters Ruby’s Crib, so she filmed.

Later she posted the video on facebook which shows what she believes are two ghosts, one a baby and the other an adult as they appear to be watching over a sleep Ruby.

Jade swears that the room was empty and the door closed when she captured this footage saying she didn’t believe in ghosts “until about five minutes ago”.

She has her own explanation, saying: “What I see is a baby older than Ruby, as it’s able to sit up and stand up, plus an adult attending to Ruby.”

“I can see on some angles an ear, eyes and an arm.”

Adding that, “Ruby was not unsettled at all but she does wake every hour or so at night.”

“I don’t think they are nasty as the adult looks to be so attentive.”

Jade claims she had been watching the two ghosts for about 20 minutes before going to check on her daughter and thinks she scared them off, because they were gone when she came back to view the monitor.

She said that she posted the clip so people can make up their own minds.




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